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Niobium Disulfide Solution Customization
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Niobium Disulfide Solution Customization

Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal disulfides (TMDs) have gotten a lot of attention since the discovery of graphene. Due to their unique surface chemistry, high aspect ratio, high exposure to active sites, and quantum size effects, 2D TMD materials offer good chemical and physical characteristics. Due to its good characteristics, anisotropic structure, and potential uses in energy and catalysis, two-dimensional metallic niobium disulfide (NbS2) has gotten a lot of interest.

Alfa Chemistry specializes in 2D nanomaterials and deals with MXenes and MAX phase materials, black phosphorus, etc. Our R&D team is led by a group of PhDs with international studies and years of research experience. We can "personalize" NbS2 solutions to meet the needs of our customers' applications. Please contact us today to assist you in solving your application problems quickly.

Titanium Carbide Solution Synthesis and Characterization

Alfa Chemistry provides unique NbS2 monolayers and a few layers of solutions, which are made up of monolayers and a few thick layers suspended in a dispersion. We now make 2D TMD material solutions using a range of methods, including mechanical or surfactant/polymer-assisted stripping, liquid ultrasonic stripping in organic solvents, and electrochemical stripping. Our technique begins with high-quality single-crystal NbS2 wafers and continues with ultrasonic treatment in a 99.9999 percent pure electronic grade chemical. Our method varies the ultrasonic treatment temperature, gas environment, ultrasonic treatment power, pulse duration, and pulse dwell time to obtain a high-quality product without any deformation.

Titanium Carbide Solution Synthesis and CharacterizationFig 1. (a) Illustration of electrochemical exfoliation of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets in the H2SO4 electrolyte. (b–d) Photos of raw material and products obtained at each step. (e) Photograph of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets on the filter membrane. (f) Photographs of few-layer NbS2 nanosheet solution obtained by centrifugation at different speeds. (g) Photograph of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets dispersed in NMP solvent. (Si J. C, et al. 2019)

Due to the high crystalline nature of the initial material, sonication to delaminate will result in highly crystalline NbS2 monolayers, a few layers, and some substantial layers suspended in solution. Depending on your needs, we may create monolayers, few layers, multilayers, or even bulk layered solutions. Also, we can provide a wide range of dispersion types including but not limited to:

  • Ethanol
  • Isopropanol
  • Deionized water
  • NMP

Please contact us to determine which type of custom solution you prefer to use.

ProductNbS2 solution
Solution TypeIsopropanol recommended, others available on request
Crystal Structure2H Phase
Electrical PropertiesMetal, superconductior
Production MethodNbS2 (Chemical vapor transport); Solution low temperature pulsed ultra-sonication

Custom solutions are stable under ambient conditions and can be easily deposited on the substrate or surface of your choice to form a thin film coating. The various characterizations of NbS2 have been confirmed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), electron energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDAX), Raman spectroscopy, and radioluminescence photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).

(a) FESEM image of exfoliated NbS2. (b) AFM height image of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets. (c) TEM image of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets.Fig 2. (a) FESEM image of exfoliated NbS2. (b) AFM height image of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets. (c) TEM image of few-layer NbS2 nanosheets. (Si J. C, et al. 2019)


We primarily ship supersaturated 2D solutions to decrease transportation costs, the concentration of which varies depending on the type of 2D layer. Once the supersaturated solution is in the customer's hands, it can be diluted to 250-500mL. The user can then use a simple technique to deposit the 2D layer onto the specified substrate. Because of its good dispersion, stability, and performance, we recommend isopropyl alcohol as a dispersion. Please contact us for more information if your research necessitates the use of different solvents.


  1. Si J. C, et al. (2019). "Scalable Production of Few-Layer Niobium Disulfide Nanosheets via Electrochemical Exfoliation for Energy-Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction." ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 11(14): 13205-13213.

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