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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Supplier of High-Quality Chemicals, Custom Synthesis and Provider of Testing Services

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Who are we?

Alfa Chemistry is the world's leading supplier of high quality 2D materials. We are committed to being a part of the 2D materials field. We design and synthesize a wide range of 2D materials and sell them directly to many universities, research institutions and companies worldwide. Our products include 2D layered crystals, large-area CVD-grown 2D sheets, 2D crystals, and more. Our customers are researchers who need high purity and quality crystals for scientific research.

We know what we specialize in: crystal and 2D layer growth. Most importantly, we understand the importance of 2D material quality to your research and recognize the outstanding challenges and excitement facing the field. That's why we can move your research forward.

Affordable and Fast

We offer flexible experimental designs to reduce time and variability.

Professional and Experienced

We have an experienced team of experts to provide online consultation and product design.

Global Presence

Our business is all over the world. We provide quality products that meet international standards.

" Our philosophy is to achieve perfection for scientific reliability "

Alfa Chemistry recognizes the importance of quality 2D materials for your research. Our products are created for perfection. All of our products are inspected by at least one of our experts and are fully characterized for quality assurance.

Our facilities use advanced material characterization techniques to be able to provide you with high quality, reliable and unique materials. We have a wide range of high-tech analytical techniques such as Raman, HR-TEM, STM, XRD, OMEGA swing curve measurements, electron transfer, SIMS and SEM.