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Surface Profiler for 2D Materials
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Surface Profiler for 2D Materials

Two-dimensional (2D) materials are a novel type of material having a planar structure in one dimension that is just one or a few atoms thick. These materials exhibit unique optical and electrical characteristics due to their distinctive structure. As a result, 2D materials are of tremendous interest, particularly as possible building blocks for the next generation of photonic and optoelectronic devices. The underlying structure and physical characteristics of 2D materials are critical in determining their ultimate device performance.

Surface profiling is a technique used by Alfa Chemistry to examine the texture, roughness, and overall appearance of thin films of 2D materials. Without scratching or harming the sample, our system can measure samples in seconds, regardless of geometric complexity, size, or material type: transparent and opaque, low to high reflectivity, smooth to rough textures, and step heights from nanometers to millimeters. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you with your 2D material testing!

Our Capabilities

Alfa Chemistry has a wide range of surface profiling instruments with excellent speed and resolution to help customers measure 2D material surface topography and roughness parameters.

Inkjet-printed graphene film thickness measurements using AFM and stylus profilometer.Fig 1. Inkjet-printed graphene film thickness measurements using AFM and stylus profilometer. (a, b) Three different stylus profilometer and AFM measured line scans of the graphene sample fabricated by printing 10 and 20 repetitions of graphene ink, respectively. (Jussila H, et al. 2017)

Contact Surface Profilers

We have the option of using a contact surface profiler where the stylus tip is in direct contact with the surface of the sample. The detector tip has a stylus tip that traces the sample surface and monitors the vertical movement of the stylus electrically.

Non-Contact Surface Profilers

Because of its simplicity, speed, and non-destructive nature, optical inspection is a potential tool for characterizing two-dimensional materials. Instead of the stylus used in contact measuring instruments, non-contact measuring devices employ light. These instruments are classified as confocal or white light interferometry, and their functions differ depending on the principle employed. There are also various contact probes that are turned into non-contact instruments by replacing the probe with an optical sensor and microscope.

Service Detail

Testing ServicesSurface Profiler (SP)
Sample TypeFilm / Bulk
Instrument ModelVeeco Dektak 150 Surface Profiler, SPA 25 Surface Profile Analyzer
Stylus Radius2.5 um
Vertical Range1024 um
ApplicationsDetermine the thickness of the sample
Obtain a topographic map of the sample
Measure the roughness of the sample
Examine microwear and erosion occurring on the sample
Determine the deformation and recovery of the sample after stress testing
Lead Time2~3 Weeks

Sample Preparation

The accuracy and precision of the analysis are heavily influenced by sample preparation. Starting with your needs and supplies, you may choose the best sample preparation procedure. Alfa Chemistry can help you choose the procedure that is suitable for your material and analytical needs. Our consultation will be tailored to your specific objectives, with an emphasis on your process and analytical needs.


  1. Jussila H, et al. (2017). "New Approach for Thickness Determination of Solution-Deposited Graphene Thin Films." ACS Omega. 2(6): 2630-2638.

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