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Germanium(II) Selenide Solution Customization
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Germanium(II) Selenide Solution Customization

Germanium(II) Selenide (GeSe)is a layered metal monochalcogenide, which has a folded layer structure similar to black phosphorus. It features well-placed direct and indirect band gaps that overlap well with the solar spectrum, making it a promising photovoltaic and photodetection material. It also possesses excellent multiplicity capabilities, structural robustness, and isotropic lithiation kinetics. For electronic and optoelectronic applications, this is a promising semiconductor.

Alfa Chemistry focuses on firms that develop two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials. Our research and development team is led by a group of PhDs with international experience and years of research. For a variety of applications, we may "personalize" GeSe solutions to match our customers' needs. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you in rapidly resolving your application issues.

Germanium(II) Selenide Synthesis and Characterization

Alfa Chemistry provides customized solutions with GeSe monolayers and a few layers. Mechanical exfoliation is still challenging to create monolayer GeSe films with straight band gaps due to the extreme brittleness of GeSe monolayers. As a result, we generate unique solutions using the liquid phase exfoliation method, which is a simple but cost-effective solution processing methodology. We make monolayer and few-layer GeSe by liquid exfoliating GeSe single crystals (99.9995% purity) and dispersing them in a specific solvent using ultrasonic treatment. The solvent or surfactants mixed with GeSe overcome the Van der Waals forces in the GeSe interlayer. We obtain the GeSe dispersions after the removal of centrifugal removing GeSe block from the single layer, double layers, multiple layers GeSe and less GeSe block mixed suspensions.

Chemical structure of two layers of MoS2.Fig 1. Chemical structure of two layers of MoS2. (Li X, et al. 2015)

Since the starting GeSe crystalline material we synthesize is highly crystalline, treating the layered GeSe layers by ultrasound produces highly crystalline GeSe monolayers and layers suspended in custom solutions. Depending on your needs, we may create single-layer, few-layer, multi-layer, or even bulk-layered solutions. Because of its good dispersion, stability, and performance, Alfa Chemistry will deliver GeSe flakes suspended in isopropyl alcohol by default. Please contact us if your research necessitates the use of different solvents.

We can provide solution types including but not limited to:

  • Isopropanol
  • Ethanol
  • Deionized water
  • NMP
  • Customized, request your requirements

Custom solutions are stable under ambient conditions and can be easily deposited on customer substrates or surfaces to form thin film coatings. GeSe flakes placed on various substrates have a lateral size range of 10 nm to 10 um. Electron energy dispersive spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy have all been used to characterize GeSe nanoparticles (SEM).

Characterization of GeSe nanoflakes (a) GeSe architecture, (b) TEM image spectra, and HRTEM image.Fig 1. Characterization of GeSe nanoflakes (a) GeSe architecture, (b) TEM image spectra, and HRTEM image. (Jia Y, et al. 2019)

Please contact us to determine which type of solution you prefer.


We ship supersaturated 2D solutions to save shipping costs and streamline the customs protocol/border inspection process (concentration depends specifically on the type of 2D layer). Once the supersaturated solution is in the hands of the customer, it is diluted into a bulk solution, and the 2D layers are deposited into the selected substrate using a simple and cost-effective rotary casting technique.


  1. Jia Y, et al. (2019). "Kerr Nonlinearity in Germanium Selenide Nanoflakes Measured by Z-Scan and Spatial Self-Phase Modulation Techniques and Its Applications in All-Optical Information Conversion." Optics Express. 27(15): 20857-20873.

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