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The demand for high-precision products and services in the fields of electronic devices, optoelectronic research, bio ecology, and sensors is growing rapidly. 2D materials are an indispensable part of the development of these markets.

Alfa Chemistry strives to bring new ideas and solutions to our products and technical services, relying on our materials experts to provide high-quality products and data to help the development of various industries. We are looking for talented individuals who share our core values and can contribute to our success.

Our Advantages


Job Opportunities

We recruit employees from a variety of industries to grow our company. Our goal is to enable our employees to utilize their education and experience to meet their career interests.


Good Environment

The company offers a modern and open work environment that promotes creativity and collaboration.


Employee Benefits

We offer a comprehensive employee benefits package and update it to meet the changing needs of our employees. Company-sponsored training is available to all employees.

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A Great Place to Work

We are a dynamic company that provides products and services to a wide range of universities, research institutions and chemical companies through our service facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. We proudly support groundbreaking scientific research around the world and provide our customers with more specialized protection.

We strive to provide a work environment that enables our employees to achieve their individual career goals. We offer not only careers without borders, but also a workplace of the future with a wide range of career development opportunities for specialists, young professionals, graduates and students. We have a diverse culture and offer opportunities for people who want to make a difference by providing support to the world in relation to 2D materials.