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Custom TMDC Transfer

The growth and non-destructive transfer of transition metal disulfides (TMDs), as one of the most important members of the two-dimensional (2D) materials family, plays a vital role in their future applications. Alfa Chemistry offers bespoke services for the professional transfer of TMDCs. To transfer our clients' 2D TMDs films to any target substrate, we use a variety of non-destructive, time-saving, and efficient technologies.

Why TMDC Transfer

2D TMD has emerged as a promising alternative for post-silicon devices due to its atomically thin geometry and unusual electrical characteristics. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology has been exceedingly successful in the development of graphene, 2D TMD films, and related heterostructures as an easily accessible and cost-effective method for industrial-scale synthesis. Because of the significant connection between the sample and the substrate, these samples grown on specific substrates are not commonly available for device construction. As a result, transferring the generated 2D TMD thin film samples to the target substrates in a non-destructive and efficient manner is a critical requirement for their future uses.

TMDC Transfer

TMDC Transfer Methods

The two most common approaches for transferring 2D TMDs are centered on the sample's post-growth processing. Chemical etching of the growth substrate with strong acid or base chemicals is one option. Ultrasonic-assisted and water infiltration transfer methods are also transfer techniques we use, in which water molecules or bubbles penetrate into the interface between the 2D TMD and the growth substrate to exfoliate the 2D TMD.

We've also recently devised a non-invasive and fast approach for transferring single and multiple layers of 2D TMD to arbitrary substrates by dissolving sacrificial water-soluble crystal layers (e.g., NaSx and NaCl) that form beneath the 2D TMD sheets at the same time during the growing process. Different TMDs, other halide salts employed as precursors, and various growth substrates have all been demonstrated to work with this approach, proving its applicability to other 2D materials.

Strategy design for the growth and transfer of MoS2 flakes.Fig 1. Strategy design for the growth and transfer of MoS2 flakes. (a, b) Schematic diagram of the growth of MoS2 on a water-soluble layer. (c-f) Schematic diagrams of the release and transfer of MoS2 in water. (Zhang L, et al. 2017)

Alfa Chemistry Transfer Services

To fulfill your individual needs, Alfa Chemistry offers manual transfer of CVD-grown 2D TMD monocrystalline flakes or continuous films onto specialized substrates. Both small-scale and wafer-scale films can be transferred. For transmission electron microscopy, Raman, photoluminescence, and electron transport studies, we also provide characterisation of transferred materials.

Examples of our transferable substrates include, but are not limited to:

  • TEM grids
  • Polymer substrates
  • Device architectures
  • Substrates with pre-patterned holes

Procedures: Customers can request a quote by sending an email or filling out an enquiry form. The customer must either provide the substrate or choose a suitable source for us to acquire on their behalf. Prior to the transfer, we have a thorough conversation with the customer to determine their expectations and requirements.

The complexity of the assignment determines the cost of custom growth. We guarantee the quality of the transfer and will refund your money if you are not happy.


  1. Zhang L, et al. (2017). "Damage-Free and Rapid Transfer of CVD-Grown Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Dissolving Sacrificial Water-Soluble Layers." Nanoscale. 9: 19124-19130.

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