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Hafnium Disulfide Solution Customization
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Hafnium Disulfide Solution Customization

Hafnium disulfide (HfS2) is a group IV transition metal disulfide that is a layered two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor material (TMDC). It's a semiconductor with a 2.0 eV indirect bandgap. With strong absorption mostly in the visible and UV ranges, 2D-HfS2 can be employed as a highly efficient photocatalyst for water breakdown.

Alfa Chemistry is a technology company specializing in 2D nanomaterials research, mainly dealing with MXenes and MAX phase materials, black phosphorus, etc. Our R&D team is led by a group of PhDs with international studies and many years of research experience. We can "personalize" our HfS2 solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Contact us today to assist you in solving your application problems quickly.

Hafnium Disulfide Synthesis and Characterization

Alfa Chemistry offers custom 2D solutions containing HfS2 monolayers, few-layer, and thicker sheets for a range of applications. Bulk monolithic HfS2 crystals are most commonly used as a source for monolayer or few-layer sheets that can be obtained by mechanical or liquid exfoliation. We have chosen to generate solutions using the simple and cost-effective liquid-phase exfoliation method. Since the starting HfS2 crystalline material we provide is highly crystalline, sonication produces highly crystalline h-BN monolayers, a few layers, and some thick layers suspended in solution.

FESEM image of the nanosheetsFig 1. (a) FESEM image of the nanosheets after 120 min of ultrasonication in CHP resulting in the formation of ultra-thin layers of HfS2 nanosheets. (b) Atomic-scale HRTEM image from an ultra-thin sheet showing the top view HfS2 hexagonal structure (Hf atoms: blue spheres; S atoms: orange spheres). (Kaur H, et al. 2018)

By liquid exfoliating high-purity HfS2 single crystals and dispersing them in customer-specific solvents (99.9999 percent pure electronic grade chemicals), we produce monolayer or few-layer HfS2. Depending on your needs, we can create monolayer, few-layer, multi-layer, or even bulk-layered solutions. Because of its good dispersion, stability, and performance, we will give HfS2 flakes suspended in isopropanol by default. Please contact us if your research necessitates the use of different solvents.

The types of solutions we can provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Ethanol
  • Isopropanol
  • Deionized water
  • NMP
  • IPA
  • DMF
  • Customized, submit your request at the time of inquiry

Our customized solutions are stable under ambient conditions and may be easily deposited on co-substrates to generate thin film coatings. The deposited h-BN flakes have a thickness range of 1 L to 10 s layers and a transverse size range of 10 nm to 10 um. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), electron energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDAX), Raman spectroscopy, and radio photoelectron spectroscopy have all been used to examine HfS2 flakes (XPS).

Germanium II Sulfide Solution Customization


We ship supersaturated 2D solutions to save shipping costs and streamline the customs protocol/border inspection process (concentration depends specifically on the type of 2D layer). Once the supersaturated solution is in the hands of the customer, it is diluted into a bulk solution, and the 2D layers are deposited into the selected substrate using a simple and cost-effective rotary casting technique.


  1. Kaur H, et al. (2018). "High-Yield Synthesis and Liquid-Exfoliation of Two-Dimensional Belt-Like Hafnium Disulphide." Nano Research. 11(1): 343-353.

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